Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know when I have enough water damage to call a service company out or not too?

  1.  A: Very good question! Remember we provide free advice, meaning give us a call! You are not under any obligation to hire us. Give us a brief description of what you believe is going on, we'll either point you in right direction or have one of our techs speak to you and give you some advice. If you still feel unsure , we can dispatch a tech to your property and assess the damages . 

Q: Does insurance cover all water damage?

 A: Although we would like to believe it does, you must check your policy for coverage (every policy is different ). When you have damages that could possibly be considered long term the odds of coverage are less than when something is recent. 

Q: Do I have to wait for my insurance company to arrive at my house for me to start work?


A: Not precisely. It is your responsibility as a property owner to minimize the loss. You can always ask your claims representative and they will tell you the same thing. You need to be pro active. Calling a water damage company is always a great first step; start the drying process and minimize further damages.

Q: I believe I have mold in my house, what should I do?

 A: First thing, DON'T PANIC.  You can find many facts about mold via the internet. Give as call! We can quickly dispatch a tech to your house to assess the damages and further evaluate. If necessary, we can contain area for you, and give you recommendations on what to do next.